Best Body Pillow: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

best body pillow

I will never trade a good body pillow...No not for the world. If you are out there looking for a good body pillow there are number of things you have to bear in mind and oh yeah...You need to do some research. You will need to know what to look for or you're going to end up with an inferior product that won't quite work well. Most pregnant women will find the body pillow very useful and should consider getting one.

This guide is going to offer insight on finding the best body pillow and making sure you get a fit that is ideal for your needs. This information will be useful now and in the future while buying body pillows.

See below some of the top selling body pillows.

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best body pillow

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow


best body pillow

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow


coop total body pillow

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Aller-Ease body pillow

Aller-Ease Body Pillow


Queen rose body pillow

Queen Rose Body Pillow


best body pillow

Material Makeup

This is important for those who have sensitive skin and don't want to rub against a pillow that is abrasive. This can happen when the wrong type of body pillow is purchased . You can find a range of materials such as polyester, cotton, lycra, microfiber, and even green materials. 

There are a lot out on the market and it comes down to recognizing which ones are best for you. Remember, what may work for someone else isn't always going to cut it for you. Think about these materials and get one that is renowned for comfort. It is far too hard to sleep or rest when the material is abrasive. It starts to rub against the skin and makes it hard to feel relaxed.

Pay attention to the design quality and make sure it has the overall value that is necessary from a top-end body pillow. 

How Tall Are You?

Oversized Total Body Full Support Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped Comfort

It's a fantastic idea to consider how tall you are and your general body shape. The body pillow should provide  full length support and perhaps also wrap itself around you. That said, you don;t want a body pillow that is way way longer than your body and touches the floor  or any other nearby bedding furniture

Size of Pillow

Yes, the size of the body pillow is going to play a role even if it doesn't seem to be an issue right now.

When a body pillow is too large or doesn't have the ideal shape, you are going to feel overwhelmed. It is going to get in the way and will become impossible to store. You are not always going to want to put the body pillow out in the open and storing a large body pillow is easier said than done. It is always smarter to look at the dimensions to see how large a pillow is before buying.

If the pillow is a convenient size, it should be able to store easily and not get in the way of your room or where you are putting it. If it is too large, you have to account for this because certain people prefer larger body pillows. Keep this in mind and at least look at what the size is.

If it is right, you can move onto the next feature because size is always going to matter even if you don't think it will. This is something you have to mull over well in advance before spending money.

Ease of Care

Is the materials washable or is it going to take forever to clean?

There are certain materials that are not washable and tend to require customized cleaning solutions. If you want something that can be tossed into the washing machine, this is something you want to look into. Modern-day body pillows come with washable fabrics that will list this in their description.

You want to look at the description to see what you are getting and how easily it will wash.

Taking on this duty could become cumbersome if you are a clean person and want a fresh body pillow every week or every two weeks.


A quality body pillow that is among the best in the industry is going to come in at a fair weight. It is not going to be too light nor is it going to be too heavy. A pillow that is flimsy may start to tear and a pillow that is too heavy will become impossible to move around.

Body pillows should be as portable as possible and a heavy one is going to take up too much space and become a bother.


Always think about the warranty as that is going to matter when you are looking to preserve the investment.

Spending money on a body pillow doesn't mean you go for something that is unprotected or doesn't have the company's backing. You should always go with a pillow that is appreciated on the market and is going to retain its value after use. It should not deteriorate quickly and an immediate sign of this can be seen when warranties aren't included.

The warranty is a must and something to look into as soon as the buying process commences. The best body pillow will always include this.


Yes, this definitely going to have an impact on your final decision as a buyer. You want something that is cost-efficient while still offering the perfect value. Resting shouldn't be a chore and that is where price point matters. The right body pillow is not about getting the cheapest brand or the most expensive one, it is about getting one that is just right. This is how you're going to need to approach finding a quality body pillow on the open market.

How To Use A Body Pillow

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