Best Buckwheat Pillow Reviews 2018: The Top 5 Brands

best buckwheat pillow review 2018

No one needs to remind you that quality sleep makes a positive difference to your day. The right pillow helps you get the rest you need.

You're probably used to soft, down pillows. While these are comfortable to rest your head on, they don't offer enough support. Buckwheat pillows do this and have many other benefits. We introduce you to a few of the best buckwheat pillows on the market.

What are Buckwheat pillows?

As their name suggests, these are pillows filled with buckwheat husks. Buckwheat pillows aren't well known in European countries but are popular in Asia. They are slowly gaining enthusiastic fans in the United States.

Buckwheat isn't a variation of wheat. It's a fruit, and its kernel isn't as valuable as its husk. Like micro bead pillows, buckwheat pillows are incredibly supportive. They conform to your neck and head.

Some manufacturers offer customization options. You can add or remove husks to adjust these pillows to comfortable heights. They are ideal for people who struggle with insomnia.

Why use Buckwheat pillows?

‚ÄčApart from this, buckwheat pillows have advantages that are far-reaching. You'll want to put your down pillow aside after learning about them.

Scent:  First of all, buckwheat pillows are aromatic. They have a pleasant smell that's not overwhelming. It's sweet enough to lull you to sleep.

Temperature Regulation:  Also, you can control their temperature. Regular pillows can get too hot after a while, but this doesn't happen with buckwheat pillows. They cool you because the hollow husks allow air movement. You may freeze the shells or heat them up as necessary.

Circulation: Foam pillows don't leave room for air movement. Consequently, they become hot and develop a foul odor. In contrast, the husks in buckwheat pillows allow air to move freely. Their temperature is constant, allowing for better airflow.

Decrease Noise: Another benefit of buckwheat pillows is that they reduce noise, a big plus if there is a party going on while you are trying to sleep. They block out loud sounds.

Durability:  Another benefit of buckwheat pillows is that they reduce noise, a big plus if there is a party going on while you are trying to sleep. They block out loud sounds.

Washable: Cleaning buckwheat pillows is a breeze. Foam pillows may go out of shape after you wash them, whereas buckwheat pillows will not. Although you can't soak the husks, you can clean their outer covers. Just replace the destroyed hulls. 

Resist dust mites: The last thing you want to put your head on is a dirty pillow that smells. Buckwheat pillows repel dust mites. They are also hypoallergenic; you can use them if you have allergies.

Non toxic: Furthermore, manufacturers put lots of chemicals on foam pillows, so you may hesitate before sleeping on one. Buckwheat pillows are not toxic. In fact, buckwheat is a natural product, so you can be sure that it's entirely safe.

Versatility: Moreover, buckwheat pillows aren't limited to beds. You can use them as you drive, or as you sit at your desk. You may even rest your wrist on a small one. It will help you fight carpal tunnel syndrome. Buckwheat pillows have brought relief to many users.

Environmentally sound: Foam pillows aren't disposable. The chemicals on them may pollute the environment. The husks in buckwheat pillows are organic, and won't cause damage. Besides, they are renewable.

Relieve headache and pains: Buckwheat pillows relieve migraines because they straighten out the spine. They keep the posture intact during sleep, which is useful for preventing body aches. People who have constant joint aches claim that these pillows have given them relief. 

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sobakawa buckwheat pillow

Sobokawa Buckwheat 

best buckwheat pillow 2018

Zen Chi Organic

beans72 organic buckwheat pillow

Beans72 Organic

Magnolia organics buckwheat pillow

Magnolia Organics

hullo buckwheat pillow

Hullo Buckwheat 


sobakawa buckwheat pillow

Sobokawa Buckwheat by Natures Pillows

First of all is the Sobakawa buckwheat by Natures Pillows is filled entirely with buckwheat husks. It follows the contours of your neck and head. Natures Pillows made it from cooling cotton fabric, so it's comfortable. Customers also reflect that it doesn't have a smell. The only drawback is that it's a bit small.

best buckwheat pillow 2018

Zen Chi Organic Buckwheat Pillow

This pillow is also a hundred percent buckwheat, so it's safe. Since its zippered, you can replace the hulls quickly. You can also put as many as you need. Customers remarked that it allows air to circulate, which keeps it fresh. It also eases headaches and pains. A point to note about this pillow is that it may not be for you if you don't want something that's travel-sized.

beans72 organic buckwheat pillow

Organic Buckwheat pillow by Beans72

The Beans72 buckwheat pillow consists of US grown buckwheat hulls. It provides excellent air circulation and cools you as you sleep. It also conforms entirely to the shape of your head. It's adjustable; you can customize the number of hulls and make it the best buckwheat pillow for yourself. 

You may find it a little bulky, but you can lessen its weight. Some customers have found it a little noisy as the husks inside rattle.

Magnolia organics buckwheat pillow

Organic Buckwheat pillow by Magnolia Organics

You'll enjoy this pillow because it fits the shape of your head. Its unique form offers you multi-level support, which makes it perfect if you have joint pains. It comes with an all-natural cotton case. Moreover, the husks won't dislodge. They provide ventilation, which cools your body.

You might find this pillow a bit bulky. It isn't certified organic, but customers speak for its quality.

hullo buckwheat pillow

Buckwheat pillow by Hullo

Hullo uses 100% organic buckwheat from North Dakota to manufacture this pillow. It supports your head comfortably, and you can fill it up with as many hulls as you need. The buckwheat keeps air circulating and cools your head.

The only complaint that you might have about this pillow is that it has a slight smell. It's also a little bulky.

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