Bed Pillow Sizes: Know the Pillow Size Right for You

Do you know there is more to getting a good night's sleep than just getting a good mattress?

You need to consider the type and size of pillow that you use. A lot of people do not know the size of pillow that you pick affects your quality of sleep.

Do you also know that different pillow sizes are available for different sized beds and pillow cases? It is not one size fits all.

 Interestingly its easy to get confused with the different sizes if presented to you...Hey don't fret, this guide should help you navigate properly in making the right choice

 A bit of our time should be invested in making decisions about buying and using bed pillow(s).

Pillows are designed effectively provide support to users, thus negating the possibility of any pressure building up on your neck and more importantly, on your spine by keeping these parts of the body in alignment. Due to this support, pillow users experience a higher-quality of sleep, which translates to a more relaxing night's rest.

 With a wide range of pillows sizes in the market, understanding the pillow dimension factor is important in helping you choose the best pillows for your specific needs. We would explore this in deeper details next.

Pillow Sizes

There are different sizes for pillows. Additionally, decorative pillows also have their own dimensions, which are different from the typical sleeping pillows. Below are some dimensions for pillows, both the sleeping and decorative pillows.

Sleeping Pillows

• Standard Pillow Size

The Standard pillows are sized to be 20" x 26" (or 51 x 66 cm). This pillow size fits in a standard pillowcase and is best used on a twin bed. However, in queen beds, a pair of such pillows is needed to provide the right kind of support while using them on Queen-sized beds. Three are needed when the bed is a King-sized bed. The pillow provides ample support to the head and neck

•The Queen Pillow Size

This kind of pillows measures 20" x 30" (or 51 x 76 cm). However, since they are a rarity, there are no dedicated pillowcase sizes. Instead, they are fitted in the standard pillowcase size, attaining a tight fit for bulkier and fuller fit. Their use is pretty much the same as it is the case with standard pillows, except that they provide some more firmness.

•The King Pillow Size

These pillows measure 20" x 30" (or 51 x 92 cm). They fit in a king-sized pillowcase. These particular pillows are perfect for people in need of any extra body support, which the standard and queen pillows are not particularly adept at providing. The pillows are best used in pairs in King-sized/ California-sized beds.

•The European Pillow Size

The European pillow measures 26" x 26" (or 66 x 66 cm). while they can be used during sleeping, they are typically used as decorative pillows, especially in a European environment.

•The Body Pillow Size

This particular pillow measures 20" x 54". It fits into specially sized body pillowcase which is designed to take up the shape and curvature of the pillow. The pillows themselves have a curvature that similar to that of the body. The pillow is particularly perfect for side sleeper, individuals with back pains, and expectant mothers owing to the high-quality support they render.

Decorative Pillows

•Typical Breakfast/Boudoir

These usually measures 12" x 16" or 30 x 41 cm.

•Typical Neckroll

The neckroll pillow usually measures 18" x 18" or 46 x 46 cm.

•Typical Square Throw

Typical Square throw measure 6" x 13" or 15 x 33 cm.

Factors That Should Influence The Size of Pillow You Purchase

The Height of The Pillow

While choosing pillow size, it is important to note the height of the pillow. Not all pillow bear a standard height and this varies from one pillow manufacture or pillow model to the next. However, the height of the pillow is important as it influences the kind, quality, and extent of head and neck support. As such, while searching for pillows to purchase, ensure that your prospective pillow has enough clearance to support your head and neck but not to be too high to strain your head and neck.

The Multiple Purpose of The Pillow

Another consideration to keep in mind is the various uses of the pillow. If you intend to purchase a pillow that you can also use as bed time-reading aid, you should go for the compact-sized standard pillows.

Support Needs

Finally, and importantly, consider the amount of support that you need. If you need extensive support, for the head, neck and the body, go the larger sized pillows. On the other hand, if you only need support to the head and neck, you can opt for the standard and queen pillows.

However, beyond the pillow size, it is important to acquaint yourself with other pillow issues that play a crucial role giving you a good night sleep.  One of the key things to have in mind while searching for your pillow is the pillow filling.

While the size of the pillow is the most important aspect to have in mind, you should note that the filling of the pillow should properly match your sleeping style. Therefore, based on your sleeping position and sleeping style (whether you are a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper, and or back sleeper), you should choose from foam, memory foam, latex, poly-cluster, synthetic material, or natural material the kind of fill that yields the best support and comfort while negating any pressure building up on your spine, neck, or any other part. In the end, the combination of the perfect size and the perfect filling will yield the best sleeping experience, preparing you well for the next day.

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