Why Every Expecting Mom Needs A Pregnancy Pillow

pregnancy pillow promotes deep sleep

Being an expectant mom is something worth celebrating. But most of the time there are sleeping complications that might occur and cause a lot of restlessness.

 From the beginning of the second trimester, chances are that both you and your baby are growing. This additional weight intensifies how uncomfortable you get trying to find a suitable position as you sleep at night.

To understand this better, here are some reasons as to why every pregnant woman needs a body pillow.

It Provides Body Support

body pillow for support

As you already know, during pregnancy you will most likely add weight. This weight becomes uncomfortable when sleeping. But with the help of a body pillow, you will support your neck, stomach, shoulders, back, and legs.

If during this period you suffer from back and neck pain, you can use a pregnancy pillow to lie down in a half-fetal posture. This is considered the best lying position for pregnant women. A nice body pillow will tend to relieve the pressure on your hips, back, and spine and at the same time improve the alignment of shoulders, the spine, and hips. 

It Improves Blood Circulation

A recommendation that you will receive from most doctors is that when pregnant you should try and sleep on your left side once the baby starts to grow. They consider this position the best for proper blood circulation. So as to relax your back and hip while sleeping in this position, you will need to use a body pillow. The pillow will also help to find the best rest position. 

Helps To Elevate Your Feet When Sleeping

Sometimes your doctor might advise you to raise your feet a bit while sleeping. What else would be better for you to use other than a body pillow? Try using it for this purpose and you will benefit by having a deep and peaceful sleep. 

Stimulates Deep Sleep

pregnancy pillow promotes deep sleep

To begin with, what you should understand is that pregnant women are required to have a long deep sleep for her own benefit as well as that of the unborn baby.

To make sure there are no discomforts to disrupt your sleep, you need a quality body pillow. The pillow will, for sure, offer you exceptional comfort all night long. It will help curb the pains and discomforts people experience during pregnancy. Some of the pregnancy pillows are ergonomically designed to provide extra comfort. Surprisingly, the pillow can help the baby to attain the right birth position. This will reduce the labor period and make it less painful for you.

Helps To Relax Your Muscle

​By the time you are going to bed, you will have probably walked around doing some simple chores. Considering you have added weight, it probably causes a lot of tension in your muscles.

 Relaxing your muscles after such busy days is something very important. For this to be possible, you need to keep your body still by use of a body pillow.

Prevents You From Sleeping In Wrong Positions

Would you wish to wake up with a backache, muscle cramp, or neck pain? You probably wouldn't. Having a body pillow will help you evade such risks. But more important, remember you are pregnant. You wouldn't want situations where you might sleep on your stomach as it might be very uncomfortable and also dangerous. This gives more than just a reason to own a body pillow during pregnancy.

Body Pillows Offer Side Sleep

As already said, these pillows have an ergonomic design and therefore offers both back and front support as you sleep on your side. Apart from supporting you on the sides, remember it will also help you have a proper neck and head posture.

One thing you should understand is that sleeping on your side pregnant is not as comfortable as it sounds. That is why it is important to include a maternity pillow so as to enhance the comfort.

Helps To Lower Risk of Snoring 

If you snore, here is an easy solution for you. Since the body pillow comfortably helps you sleep on your side, you have no risk of sleeping on your back. And when you sleep in the right position, this means there are high chances you will not snore. 

Can Help You Curb Body Aches While Travelling 

Traveling, especially long distance, will not be as comfortable and fun for you. Remember you have some extra weight. You, therefore, need extra cushioning especially around your lower back so as to prevent developing cramps. There is nothing that comes in handy at this moment like a body pillow. 

It Will Help You Keep Calm At Night 

It is common for pregnant women to toss and turn in bed when they can't sleep or when they feel uncomfortable. This is normally as a result of fearing not to sleep on your stomach or put pressure on your womb. But with a body pillow, such worries are instantly eliminated as you are sure to be in a good place as you sleep. The pillow will reduce body movements and create a comfortable sleep environment.

Good For Baby Support

body pillow provide support for baby

Once you give birth, it does not mean the body pillow is useless. You can still use it to support your baby. For example, you can use the pillow to support your baby when feeding him or even use it as a barrier to prevent him from rolling over the bed. This means it can be creatively used even after the pregnancy period is over. 

By now, you should not be worried about having a restless night. If you have been experiencing uncomfortable nights because of your pregnancy, that should not happen anymore. With such information at your disposal, you probably know what to do. Apart from making your nights less restless, it will also improve your mood among other benefits. There are enough reasons why every pregnant woman needs a body pillow.

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